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Who We Are

ROCKbridge Ministries is a Christian multi-denominational non-profit organization that bridges communities in the United States with those in Kenya, allowing a two-way flow of resources and opportunities to empower those communities to meet their spiritual and physical needs with the love of Christ. ROCKbridge reaches out to the city of Nakuru, Kenya through outreach, evangelism, and discipleship programs both independently and through partnerships with local churches.


The leadership of ROCKbridge Ministries consists of a Kenyan Executive Director and Kenyan staff, a Kenyan Board of Directors, and a Board of Directors in the United States. The Executive Director and staff handle all of the day-to-day operations of the ministries in place in Nakuru, under the guidance and direction of the Kenyan Board of Directors. The American Board of Directors comes alongside to provide advice, ideas, support, and access to resources and technology to assist the Kenyan leadership in their mission.


ROCKbridge Ministries carries out its mission holistically, using the Gospel as the center from which a number of different ministries flow to comprehensively impact every area of a community. The individual ministries ROCKbridge operates and supports are based on the core values of Spiritual Development, Education, Sustainability, and Relationships. These values are carried out in a number of ways through spiritual discipleship, leadership development programs, medical clinics, children’s homes, primary and secondary schools, a nursing and trade college, a conference and retreat centre, and much more.