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ROCKbridge Ministries does from time to time take groups of Americans to visit and participate in the ministries in Nakuru. We wish to create a bridge that allows two-way ministry between Kenya and the U.S. Our heart behind these trips is to allow people from the U.S. to come and experience what God is doing through His people in Nakuru and to support that mission through hands-on service.
ROCKbridge also takes a group of medical professionals to Nakuru once a year to perform an extensive free medical camp for the public. Doctors, nurses, and dentists have all been able to offer treatment to thousands of people each year, and some non-medically-trained individuals even go to assist in other ways such as playing with children whose families are in the clinic. To hear more about this trip, check out this video and or contact Larry Feldman at lfeldmannd@aol.com.
For more information on how you or your church could get involved on a vision trip, please contact Matt Nelson at mnelsonla68@gmail.com.