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The Nakuru Holiday Homes project is an opportunity for sustainable support for higher education by generating revenue through a high-end hospitality business. Kenya’s appeal to holiday makers and vacationers, whether for families or groups, has been on the rise and this concept offers more space and privacy than a hotel room. The property’s panoramic view creates a more vacation-like environment in the comfort of a relaxing, home-like atmosphere. ROCK Bridge will use revenues to sponsor students striving to continue education through College, University, or Technical Institutes. The time to build is now in order to be ready for the number of tourists visiting Lake Nakuru National Park and other Tourists sites in the Rift valley in the Post-Covid-19 days ahead. 


This building project will create a structure to be used for large gatherings of 800-1000 people, a facility that the Nakuru area does not currently have. The building will be used for many purposes including chapel and assemblies at the Tumaini school, an additional component for conferences held at the Tumaini Cottage and Conference Centre, and an available rental place for the community to hold weddings, meetings, revivals, or other gatherings. The facility will provide a source of income when it is rented by outside groups and will be useful for many purposes within the Tumaini ministries.
To find out more about how you can be a part of establishing this project, contact Zablon Kuria!


One major project ROCKbridge Ministries is currently working toward is the development of a Christian Mission Hospital in Nakuru. The hospital will be able to offer specialized services such as cancer treatment, dental care, and kidney dialysis that are currently unavailable in the Nakuru area. These services would make the facility complementary to, rather than a competing with, current hospitals in the city. The hospital will be run under Christian principles with the goal of never turning away someone who cannot afford care.
The plans for the Mission Hospital are already underway and land has been purchased for the site, but the huge tasks of acquiring enough funding and professionals to complete the project still lie ahead. To find out more about how you can be a part of establishing this project, contact Zablon Kuria!


Youth leaders in Nakuru currently do not have any sort of library they can use for their ministries. ROCKbridge is in the process of developing a much-needed resource center so that those involved in youth ministry will have a place to research for sermons and particular questions about culture or youth. An office space has already been provided to house the resource center, but there is still a need for a library of books, furniture, a computer, and a printer for youth leaders and workers to use.
For information on how you can help establish this project, contact Zablon Kuria!


Rockbridge Youth Department has been blessed with a donation of land for the purposes of creating a youth camping facility. The plan for this land is to create a physical infrastructure for youth leaders to be able to run camps and retreats for the youth to attend––the first place of its kind in the Nakuru area. The Retreat Center will need to establish fencing, foundations to pitch tents, and some permanent structures such as a kitchen and bathrooms.
For information on how you can help establish this project, contact Zablon Kuria!

R.O.C.K Bridge Mission Center

The Three R’s (Rescue , Redeem & Restore)

Rescue:    This is the individuals challenges are identified . For example addiction (drugs , alcohol ,pornography ,eating, disorders, gambling ) burnout , stress fatigue and loneliness . Then they are directed to one of the three R’s- Rehabilitation for Restoration, Retreat for Refreshment and Retirement for Rejuvenation .
Redemption:   This is where people will reconnect with God and grow to deepen and  rediscover their relationship with God . This will be through the word of God , books , programs , counselling ,movies, plays and other activities . Also through AA meetings and other support groups that will bring people closer to God.

Restoration   :    Finally the center deeply desire to see people live life to the full. They will be restored spiritually , emotionally , economically, socially , physically to bring fourth to the world the gifts and talents that the Lord bestowed upon them. Mathew 28:16-20  “Go therefore and make disciples of all Nations.” 

Restore means to bring back or re-establish to a former condition , place or existence. R.O.C.K Bridge rehabilitation program shall be termed restoration because it will aim to bring people to the complete rest in God where they will unburden themselves be reconnecting with God.