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Nakuru clinics

One major way that ROCKbridge creates relationships between churches and communities in Nakuru is by offering healthcare through the church. The PCEA Nakuru West operates 3 medical clinics at different church campuses around the city, as well as a maternity clinic at the main church of Shabab. The capable staff work long hours six days a week to see many patients and provide invaluable service at an affordable price to these economically depressed areas.


In addition to the ongoing healthcare from these clinics, ROCKbridge also brings a team of doctors from the U.S. to partner with Kenyan doctors every January to provide an extensive, week-long free medical camp for the general public. Doctors, nurses, and dentists have all been able to offer treatment to thousands of people each year, and some non-medically-trained individuals even go to assist in other ways such as playing with children whose families are in the clinic. Watch the inspiring story below of a girl named Faith whose life was radically changed by God through the ROCKbridge Medical Clinics!