Zablon Kuria, originally from Nakuru, Kenya, spent 8 years in the United States working in the insurance industry and completing his college education. Upon graduating, Zablon knew he was called to return to Kenya to do ministry. He sought God’s will on whether he should start a church, and God instead placed James 1:27 on his heart, giving him a desire and goal to reach out to the widows and orphans in need.

Zablon had developed several relationships with American churches during his time in the U.S., and he worked in partnership with these churches to create a structure to carry out their mission of reaching out to the communities of Kenya for Christ. Together, they formed ROCKbridge Ministries as an non-profit organization in 2008. ROCKbridge was to be a fully interdenominational ministry, working in unity with Christian churches of various denominations to build the Kingdom of God together.



Zablon now serves as the Executive Director of ROCKbridge Ministries. Through the close following of Biblical principles, accountability, good stewardship of God’s provision, and a lot of prayer, ROCKbridge has grown to have an impact larger than Zablon or any of its founders expected. The orphanage that began with 3 children is now home to over 110 orphans, the primary and secondary schools have grown from 10 students to nearly 600, and over 160 families have benefited from employment associated with the projects ROCKbridge has helped to start.

What’s Next?
In the near future, ROCKbridge has big plans to take a direct role in a number of large projects, such as setting up a Christian Mission Hospital in Nakuru. For more information on where ROCKbridge is heading and how to help, visit our Get Involved page!