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In the heart of Njoro, Nakuru County, a remarkable individual named Everlyne Aluso has emerged as a beacon of hope and resilience. Through the support of R.O.C.K Bridge Ministries (RBM), Aluso has not only realized her dream of pursuing higher education but also secured a pivotal role as a site manager for the upcoming holiday homes. Her journey is a testament to the resilience, transformative power of education and the profound impact of organizations like RBM.

Aluso’s journey with RBM began in 2012 when she was at a form 2. Facing financial constraints, she encountered a significant hurdle in her pursuit of a university education. Undeterred, she spent two years working at a flower farm near her home, Sunripe Flowers, supporting her family with her meager earnings of $3 per day. Her determination to overcome obstacles and create a brighter future for herself fueled her resolve.


During her tenure as a site manager, Aluso has gained invaluable experiences and insights. Interacting with people effectively and managing resources have been among the most significant lessons she has learned. Each day presents new challenges, allowing her to develop resilience and adaptability, and further honing her leadership skills.

 Reflecting on the impact of RBM in her life, Aluso expresses her profound gratitude for the holistic transformation she has undergone. RBM not only provided her with access to quality education but also offered her a stable job as a site manager, enabling her to support her family and contribute to her community. She humorously acknowledges that the opportunity has even given her a good reputation, further highlighting the positive influence RBM has had on her life.

A Solution for Her Community: Hailing from Kitui, a semi-arid region in Southeastern Kenya University, Aluso experienced firsthand the devastating effects of drought and water scarcity. Motivated by a desire to find sustainable solutions to these challenges, she was inspired to study hydrology. RBM’s scholarship became the catalyst that enabled her to pursue her chosen field of study, leading to her graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Hydrology in 2022.

Upon completing her studies, Aluso, like many graduates, eagerly awaited job opportunities. After an 8-month wait, RBM reached out to her with an offer to work as a site manager for the holiday homes project. Seizing the opportunity, she embraced her new role, which encompassed various responsibilities such as stock management, supervision, payroll administration, material procurement, and logistics. Thriving in a male-dominated sector, Aluso views her position as both a privilege and an opportunity to break barriers and inspire other women.

To the generous supporters of RBM’s programs, Aluso extends her heartfelt appreciation for their contributions. She urges them to continue supporting the Holiday Homes project to its completion, knowing that the proceeds will bring about transformative impact in the lives of more young boys and girls like herself. The project’s completion will not only generate employment opportunities for the local community but also serve as a demonstration to the lasting change that can be achieved through collective efforts.

Everlyne Aluso’s inspiring journey with R.O.C.K Bridge Ministries exemplifies the remarkable potential that lies within individuals when provided with education, empowerment, and opportunities. Through RBM’s support, Aluso has transformed her life and become a role model for her siblings and friends at home. Her story serves as a reminder of the importance of investing in education and offering individuals the chance to thrive, ultimately empowering entire communities to flourish.