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The Dream of a Doctor

In the small town of Naishi-Lare, nestled in the heart of Njoro Sub- County, resides an extraordinary individual who has overcome numerous obstacles to achieve her dreams. Meet Janet Wanjiku, a young woman whose unyielding determination and passion for education have shone through even in the face of adversity.

Born into a family with limited resources, Janet’s father, a hardworking man, struggled to provide for his children’s education after losing his job at the flower farm due to the COVID pandemic. With two younger siblings in high school and his eldest daughter, Janet, offered a spot at KMTC for nursing, the financial burden seemed insurmountable. Yet, through the support of relatives and her father’s resilience, Janet managed to enrol in high school.




As she was waiting for support to join university, she was called back to Mugumo High School where she taught biology and chemistry with passion. Despite commuting 15 kilometers each day, the little she’s gets appreciated with by the school management, she diligently saves the money, which she plans to use for her admission to university.

During home visit to Janet’s place, she narrated to us of her career goals and how much she’d want to be a doctor.

“If I can’t become a doctor,” Janet said, “I’m going to spoonfeed my future child to be a doctor.” This were such powerful statements that shows her drive to succeed in life.

Janet Wanjiku is an inspiration to us all. She shows us that anything is possible if we have the determination and resilience to never give up on our dreams. Currently, R.O.C.K Bridge ministries has facilitated her admission at Kenyatta University to pursue a degree in community health nursing.

Throughout her high school journey, Janet encountered various challenges, from purchasing uniforms to finding a way to pay her school fees. She was lucky to get a sponsor “Baba Njeri” who paid her school fees until she sat for her final exams. The support she allowed Janet to excel academically and score a remarkable B+ in her form 4 exams.

Unfortunately, despite her achievements, the lack of financial means meant she couldn’t fulfill her dream of joining Masinde Muliro University. Undeterred, Janet continued to seek opportunities, applying to KMTC multiple times without success. This didn’t dampen her spirits; instead, she focused on being a role model for her younger sister, Lucy Wanju, and all her siblings, encouraging them to study hard and listen to their parents’ guidance.

Janet’s motivation is deeply rooted in her desire to uplift her family and break the cycle of poverty. Her resilience, discipline, and hard work have earned her respect not only from her parents but also from her neighbours and community.