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Nakuru 3:16 is a street families project focusing primarily on developing the potential of young mothers and their children. Its goal is to offer the families a chance to build a relationship with God and empower them to be productive members of society. Nakuru 3:16 hopes to achieve this goal by leading each mother through a personalized three stage program. This program addresses the areas of gradual intake assimilation, addiction rehabilitation, counseling, education, life skills, and vocational training.

The transformation of the participating mothers and their children is a beautiful process to witness. The women come to Nakuru 3:16 scared, angry, impoverished, and physically ill. Those who complete the program graduate with knowledge of God and the ability to care for their family, and are active members in their community.

R.O.C.K. Bridge Ministries has played an important role in the development of Nakuru 3:16. In 2007, members of First Presbyterian Church of Missoula, Montana visited Nakuru, Kenya to learn about the community and began to pray how God could potentially use their resources. Nakuru 3:16 was soon started as a feeding program for vulnerable street women and their children. One year later, the ministry moved to a premise within walking distance to town that provided a safe haven for sixteen women and their children. Through a partnership with P.C.E.A. Nakuru West Church, facilitated by R.O.C.K. Bridge Ministries, the two churches were able to work together to serve this neglected population in need. Recently, R.O.C.K. Bridge Ministries has helped these two churches build a rehabilitation home for the members of Nakuru 3:16 at Tumaini Mission Centre. Currently, the home serves ten women and their children.